Products & Equipment

The IAME offer a range of current products and equipment at exclusive prices for our members. With the ever-changing technology being introduced into vehicles, we need to be vigilant in keeping our tools and devices constantly updated.

Ensure you are equipped to work on the latest models by speaking with one of our representatives about your requirements today.

Your IAME works with many Government Departments in every state to ensure we have the latest creative artwork so that you can demonstrate your services to the consumer whilst remaining compliant to the state regulations. Our signs are made of composite alloy material and are all-weather with a guarantee of 10 years against fading, chipping* or peeling. Some of these signs include VIC Roads: License Tester, Fair Trading (NSW): Licensed Business, Roads and Maritime Services NSW: Authorised Inspection Station, Transport Main Roads Queensland: License Vehicle Inspector, WH& S: Pipe Signage and all safety related signage for internal application.

If you would like more information on any products and equipment, please contact your local IAME Operations Manager to discuss further.

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