IAME Group of Companies

In order to consolidate industry specialists under the one umbrella IAME is continually working with other Associations to provide the best support and information for practitioners and business owners in our industry.
These companies have amalgamated under the IAME Group of Companies and are distinct specialists in the automotive industry.

Australian Association of Progressive Repairers (AAPR)


The Australian Association of Progressive Repairers was formed in 2014 to promote progressive and sustainable reforms in the Australian Automotive Repair Industry. As part of this mission, AAPR became a signatory to the Motor Vehicle Repair and Insurance Industry Code of Conduct inline with our core principle.
AAPR aim to be the reasoned voice of the smash repair industry in Australia. As such, AAPR’s membership and sponsorship programs attracts organisations that seek collaboration on issues and matters affecting progressive change. AAPR enable dialogue between industry participants to find solutions to problems that impede progress in our industry. By doing this, APPR offer value to three distinct industry sectors differently.

Australian Autoglass Industry Alliance (AAIA) Limited


The AAIA is a national network of locally owned and operated, independent businesses around Australia.

The AAIA specialise in repair and replacement of auto glass for all makes and models of passenger and commercial vehicles including trucks.
Independent Autoglass businesses make up the biggest repair network in Australia.


Originally solely owned, the IAME Print Shop offers a complete range of printing services for every application.The IAME Print Shop knows the Automotive Industry.

The IAME Print Shop has grown to become one of the leading print suppliers to the automotive repair industry, we offer a range of high quality personalised & standard items at better than competitive prices.

Our goal is to provide your company with printed products that enhance & create new income streams for your automotive workshop or business.
If you have the motor repair skills we have the products to make you the ultimate professional.

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A structured committee network is in place to cater to specific areas of the Industry. An example of some of the active Divisions organising special events for their specific area of interest are:

Diesel Division
Educators Division
Service Managers Group

Do not hesitate to contact a conveniently located IAME office for details of what is happening in your area or for further membership information.

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