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Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers

Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers is an Association for individuals and organisations in the Automotive industry.
Our aims are to further the interests of our Members at all levels through knowledge, awareness and the sharing of expertise.


Incorporated in 1936 the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers has witnessed many changes in the Automotive Industry. At that time the main thrust of membership was to obtain technical information relevant to the trade and improve conditions in the industry by raising the skill level.

Knowledge is as vital today as it was 81 years ago.

Whether you are running a workshop, are working the tools, hold a position in administration, sales or education, or are at the commencement of your career as an Apprentice - advanced knowledge will make you better at your job and if you stand out in your industry the rewards should follow.

Progress your career with the Association that knows the Automotive Industry.

The many benefits of membership are detailed under the heading Members Services however the IAME can only be as good as the Members want it to be. The Association is driven by a membership base in excess of 27,000 - predominantly located in Australia and New Zealand with a further 900 International members.

The affairs of the Institute are governed by the National Council - a group of 12 members who have served on various Committees of the Institute and because of their dedication and driving passion for the Automotive Industry have taken on the responsibility at the helm of the Association.

The backbone of the Association is the Honorary Secretariats located at major rural centres - and it is through this network that the pulsating needs of the 'Trade' are monitored and the IAME Administration endeavours to cater to the Industry.

Don't just work in the trade
Join the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers
and help shape the Automotive Industry.

A structured committee network is in place to cater to specific areas of the Industry. An example of some of the active Divisions organising special events for their specific area of interest are:

Do not hesitate to contact a conveniently located IAME office for details of what is happening in your area or for further membership information.